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It's been a while

Posted on 8 Jun 2017 in General

wondering what's on the way?

It’s been a while…..

So firstly apologies on the silence and secondly welcome back !

I’ll make this blog a quick little update as to the life of this Cornish artist and what’s been going on ! ….So I have been ticking away quietly. I found life was just getting incredibly hectic with my family and it was hard to navigate my way to my studio to get stuck into some new work! I have been pottering in there for the last few weeks ( phew) so I do now have some magical woodlands, seascapes, floral style watercolour illustrations  that will shortly be making there way onto the website- They are a little expansion of some new styles and mediums I’ve been working on so I’m feeling excited .
Scroll down the blog and you will see some sneaky peeks of what’s to come.

 My bigger news is that I have been a little ill for a few months due to some raging hormones …. we’re incredibly lucky to have a baby due in October so the little bean has been causing me havoc. You know how some people glow in the magic of pregnancy and look as if they’ve been blessed by the flying stork himself?...well that’s not me! I’m a bloated hot mess and even with a few months to go I’m still lucky enough to be making running trips to bathroom and going to bed sick ! Euggghhhhhh, but we must not moan. I’ve been on both sides of the coin and we have struggled to to have children ( see my previous blog post ‘ Thank you for the button nose’ )  suffered many losses of varying degrees and observed lots of friends battle their own fertility demons so we are looking forward to welcoming this new addition ( another little scientific miracle ).

  I’ve been staying off social media as I started to feel the pressure of the likes/ comments/ thumbs up and you know you’re a little face book ruled when you begin to care … the truth is I need to have a little more faith in my own abilities and absorb the positivity more and it allows me to be so much  more creative when I’m not concerned as to the reactions ! So I will slowly be keeping more of an up to date log of new works and the website will get a much needed injection of artistic love. It’s been too long , I’ve been a little slack and its time to put in a few months had graft before I’m back to being boob deep in babies and nappies . 

 So for now its over and out , back to the stretchy waistbands and drying watercolours . 
Keep your eyes peeled :)

Jess  x