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Why be an artist ?

I’m a Cornish girl and have always lived and worked in this beautiful area.  I studied English and Art at A-level in my home town of Camborne and then a couple of years down the line furthered my studies at Truro College with an award in Creative Photography... another of my great loves although somewhat on the back burner to the painting.  Since leaving college I’ve mainly worked in retail but decided to have a leap of faith a few years ago and now I paint from my home here in Camborne. Out of the necessity to have a flexible job with a young baby I thought I would persue my passion and work part time as an artist- It's a struggle to find the hours but I realise I'm lucky to have the best of both worlds.  So I have 2 young boys and a lovely but incredibly yappy westie ! It's not a quiet household to say the least but it's fun and I love it . 

 If I didn't paint I feel like I would be missing a part of me , when I paint it's a truly focused calm space in my head , just me and my tools going with the flow. 

Fort the deeper side of my life , head over to my blogs , there's more of an insight there .

Why there's so much inspiration in Cornwall

Where to start... Anyone that has visited this wonderful area knows that there are boundless places to be inspired, feel free and be creative. I adore the coastline here and the weather (although very temperamental) gives us such an array of amazing colourful skylines that rain or shine there’s always something that captures the imagination. 

I often seem to have ideas just as I’m going to sleep.  I suppose this would be amalgamation of all the things that passed my eyes during the course of the day that seem to come together in a happy mess in my head- ready to be picked through the next day. 

I love the outdoors and walk a lot, so we see a huge variety of flora and fauna and who doesn’t love being on the beach inhaling the fresh air and scaling the dunes. 

My Style of art

Whats my art about ? So many different ideas fill my head which is  is evident in my shop! I enjoy a huge variety of subjects and mediums , I won't tie myself to anything in particular even is it means I lose some cohesion from piece to piece , at the end of the day we enjoy one thing or another .

 Many years ago when I was dabbling with  my creative side I would paint furniture with different designs, gradually moving through to abstract paintings on canvas as my confidence grew. In the last few years I've been much more drawn to the details of work adding layers with pen and line work focusing on floral work and landscapes and more recently animals and mythical beings !

  One day the dream would be an illustrated book , but in the mean time its about the experimenting and practice !