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Mermaids, Motherhood and all the things in between

Posted on 26 Sep 2016 in Projects

From mermaids to motherhood and all the things between...

 My job can never be described as dull- of course it has moments when I have painters block (which is incredibly frustrating but luckily with Netflix on t.v I can now fill that time :) , but generally I get excited about starting all my new projects .

  I made a promise to myself , part of a new years resolution that I would try  and paint for me. Thats harder than it may seem as with the nature of the work I do, it means that often I'm working on commissions or orders which means that to a degree you have to channel somebody elses needs. 

  So for once, unlike the 'lose a stone ' or ' become a yoga instructor by 2017' I really have kept this resolution and I feel that I have really spent time painting exactly what was in my head and I feel so much more content as a painter with that notion.

    So whats on the agenda at present ? Well as per usual for me , I have an upcoming craft fayre that requires lots of work that I've not yet finished, but I have been working on new 'underwater' themed artwork that has been whizzing around my mind for a long time !



  So here comes the mermaid.... I always loved 'the little mermaid ' and have great memories of watching it at my grans' house in Penzance when we were kids , but it was always that thing as child of 'are they real?' 'do they exist ?' 'can I see one if i look hard enough?', Lets be honest who knows with theories about pretty much anything flying around these days... there will always be believers!

 I've never been great at portraiture or people, I can't say I've sketched anyone for a while but when I did in 6th form it always turned out as a vague resemblence of my muse opposed to an actual portrait! So back to my mermaid- due to the fact that I'm not experienced with faces what better idea than to paint her without her face on show, problem solved. As it is this painting is slowly developing into a  slightly mystical, spooky looking affair and that's kind of cool. It's good to do something that isn't so obviously colourful as my other work and that challenges my usual subjects.

  I always start with a build up of layers, they tend to get slapped on the canvas a little and then I work with the base and build upon it to let the foreground naturally find its own space in the painting - this means that I dont overthink what I'm trying to do as I can always see the end result but dont always know how to get there so this way it 'just happens ' (that's not as gifted as it sounds).

  The mermaid herself I want to look like the ones I always invisioned may exist - crazy coloured hair , metallic scales and a long flowing tail . But not the ones with scary teeth like in " Pirates of the Carribean " , they totally destroyed my faith in the formally gentle creatures.

    Due to having a 2 year old crazy little creature around my feet 90% of the day I only really paint at night. This means I go to bed late and wake up to the sound of "hungry child " in a daze and wishing just for 10 minutes more sleep, but however it happens I function every day and do the same thing the next night. There's a lot to be said for the calm of the night though for working or the ability to paint and watch my faithful netflix undisrupted of an evening. (At this point I would like to say we are a very outdoorsy family and we don't spend our days on netflix - bad mother justification)

    I will add progress photos of all my 'underwater' work on my facebook page and on my instagram @jesscudlipartist !

 Anyway, over and out for now as I have a child that is about to waken from his slumber which means that I will no longer be able to type without him helping me with the key 'pushing' ...

 Jess x