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No more Monday girl

Posted on 14 Jan 2017 in General

because a Tuesday would suffice too...

Welcome to 2017 !! It could very well be that you loved every second of 2016 or like me you may be slightly grateful to welcome a new year with all those blank pages that need to be filled!


I’m a Monday girl. Everything starts on Monday – my diet, my exercise plans, my schedules, my painting, my eyebrow plucking etc etc. The thing is if I’ve screwed up for example said diet plan on a Monday (this has happened many a time) I would simply wait until the following Monday to try again because in my head there was no way that a Tuesday would suffice , or a wednesday for that could anything start successfully on a Tuesday ???

So my plan in November last year was to stop being a Monday girl, pre – the christmas indulgence and start something that would sail me into the new year. I tell you what realising there are 6 other perfectly relevant days in the week really was an epiphany. Don’t misunderstand me in thinking that I too wasn’t totally engulfed in mince pies , sugar highs and calorie crashing but when I did I was ready to write it off and stop beating myself up the very next day . I quit smoking . This will possibly be news to anyone that knows me as  not everyone knew (even after 16 years ) that I smoked . I don’t know if that makes me an excellent secret smoker or a terrible liar.


So what’s on the cards for this year? How many resolutions are you going to break by February ? Mine are long gone ! But what stuck in my head is the present. I figured if I didn’t stress about the coming months and simply live day by day then I only have 24hrs at a time in which to nail whatever I’m doing. For me this is self-care. I spent much of 2016 abusing myself in many forms, not enough sleep, not enough water (I drink tea and only tea strange ) crap food and I was feeling slightly miserable with myself .

The thing is I’m feeling content now a couple of weeks in to my non resolutions -I shut myself down at a reasonable hour, I’m eating better , I walk to clear the cobwebs as much as possible and I have a million painting ideas accumulating in my head that I will process in the coming weeks. No time limit, no dates, just 24 hr’s at a time. For me at least this works. I don’t write off complete weeks anymore.


We pressure ourselves so much and there’s no point. It becomes a circle of guilt , triumph , defeat and all along for me I just needed to be kinder on myself.


     So what’s in store for my artwork? Well this should be a wild experiment this year ! (Wild in painting terms and not in animal terms )...I plan on different series of works – the magical , the coastal , some mind-blowing colourful abstract work and maybe a few things in between . I’m not going to be specific as I really cant but I can see things in this muddled head of mine that will eventually be released onto canvas so expect some new bolder, brighter and quirky masterpieces.


I hope that whatever ideas, plans or resolutions you have made, you’re not already beating yourselves up if they haven’t worked out . Rememeber there’s 6 other days if you’re a Monday person and plans can start in Feb, march , April, May etc etc …...from good intentions will come good outcomes (99% of the time)


So here’s to making the most of EVERY weekday :)


Jess xx