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That little leap of faith...

Posted on 30 Jul 2016 in Inspiration

I will optimistically be analysing my hopefulness that this all works.

  What happens next in life? does it work ? does it not ? do you fail miserably and fall on your butt or do you plough all your energies and fingers crossed it all goes well....

This is me ! Forever the analyser , the hopeful, the unoptisimistic optimist ! 

 I'm so excited to finally have this all up and running , I've been thinking for years that a website is just what I need , I kind of put it on a pedestal like it would change my life in some way ....who knows , it might ? ( see thats my optismistic side) 




 So let me tell you something about me thats not on my ''about me '' page .... I'm hopelessly a headcase, I always have a million and one ideas running around my head that seem to take forever to sift through and it stresses me out , but my paintings they are me at my most calm. Often I have no idea whats happening as I'm painting , I'm just putting brush to canvas and hoping one of the million ideas makes it way onto there ...successfully, sometimes unsuccessfully.

See the thing is , we all doubt our abilities at some point , we compare ourselves with others and think we're in the losing team . In reality though we are growing ,learning , moving backwards to move forwards so its ultimately all progress. Which is exactly where am I in my life. Taking that leap of faith , hoping that all the finances balance and that my artwork is enjoyed by the masses.

I do not want to be a millionaire  . I hope that you can see that I really try and keep things affordable and fair. There's always this thing in my mind that everyone should be able to have a slice of something that they really love ,like a really good carrot cake ! So if my  work makes you smile not only does that make me happy ( my hopeful side) but it also hopefully means that it makes it  way into your lives and you get to enjoy that guilt free .

   This leap of faith for me is BIG. Not for any reason other than I desperately want to be recognised for being an Artist. Obviously I am in theory an "artist "but up to a certain point I've always just felt like a painter.  I'm incredibly blessed to be a mum , but away from that I love being myself . And painting , being an artist is part of what defines me . In my own head being a painter seems like I don't give it all my all , like its not priority , but being an ARTIST , well thats a title I would love to put on my c.v.  

 So today , in a world of knock backs, competition and motherhood, I will optimistically be analysing my hopefulness that this all works. 



Jess xx